Post Childbirth Meditation

ZenWorlds ZenCast #23 is a meditation designed to balance your body through the changes following having a baby and adjusting to motherhood. Having a baby is a very special time and at the same time, can be confusing, stressful and bring up many emotions. The Mayo clinic reports that an estimated 10 percent of new moms experience a more severe form of emotional distress known as postpartum depression. Rarely, an extreme form of postpartum depression known as postpartum psychosis develops after childbirth. Any level of baby blues isn’t a weakness or flaw, it’s a combination of physiological and emotional factors. Let’s help bring you back to optimal balance energetically so you can move forward and be the best mom you’re destined to be.

Listen in a calm environment while sitting in a comfortable position or laying down. Never listen to any ZenWorlds meditations while operating machinery or vehicle.

This ZenCast uses chakra tuning forks that vary in frequency. Use caution or discontinue use if you have a tremor disorder as it may trigger an onset of tremor symptoms.

If you are a new mom and are experiencing symptoms of baby blues or postpartum depression like moodiness/anxiety/irrational thoughts, please consult with your doctor as soon as possible. Call the nurse line of your doctor office or health insurance provider. If you’re in crisis mode and can’t get to help fast enough, call 1-800-273-TALK. Join a network of moms online at if you need to bounce anything off of other members. If you’d like to search some other local and national resources available to you visit Remember we’re all in this together and you’re never alone. Moms unite!

ZenWorlds Post Childbirth Meditation