Pain Management Meditation

ZenWorlds ZenCast #29 is a meditation designed to help you manage pain using the most powerful tool…your mind. Pain does have purpose; however, by focusing on the pain, we attract more pain. I’m sure you’ve noticed this when you have an injury, if you focus on the pain, look at it, feel it, you can actually increase the amount of pain you’re feeling. If you have a real injury or pain, the mind is a powerful thing to help alleviate the pain. It’s been proven time and time again to decrease the amount of pain medication requested and consumed.

You can try this meditation along with your current pain management plan. When managing pain, a focal point is particularly helpful. You can watch a candle, focus on a fixed pleasing to the eye object in the room, or whatever pleases you.

Before beginning any relaxation exercises or meditations, be sure you are not operating a vehicle, machinery or attending to the needs of children.

This ZenCast uses chakra tuning forks that vary in frequency. Use caution or discontinue use if you have a tremor disorder as it may trigger an onset of tremor symptoms.

ZenWorlds Pain Management Meditation