Immunity Support Meditation

ZenWorlds ZenCast #19 is a meditation designed to assist your mind to increase immune function. This meditation uses visualizations pertaining to immune functions with the purpose to stimulate the immune system. Cold and flu season is upon us and I thought we all could use a little immune help. This is an integrative approach to your health to be combined with other health practices you may have. This is not to replace the advice of your doctor and is not intended to cure, treat or prevent disease.

Before beginning any relaxation exercises or meditations, be sure you are not operating a vehicle, machinery or attending to the needs of children. In fact, have your children do it with you to teach them the tools necessary to live a healthy, happy life.

This ZenCast uses chakra tuning forks that vary in frequency. Use caution or discontinue use if you have a tremor disorder as it may trigger an onset of tremor symptoms.

ZenWorlds Immunity Meditation