Inspire Creativity Meditation

ZenWorlds ZenCast #18 is a meditation designed to help you inspire, harvest and manifest Creativity. Sometimes you feel inspired by everything, followed by a funk. Sound like you? Life is full of peaks and valleys and the whole point of it is to enjoy the journey with all of it’s roller coaster movements without judgement. Creativity cannot be needs to flow. So how, then when you’re in funk and feel a little stuck, can you get back in the game and create something spectacular? Easy. Go there in the mind and the rest will follow.

Before beginning any relaxation exercises or meditations, be sure you are not operating a vehicle, machinery or attending to the needs of children. In fact, have your children do it with you to teach them the tools necessary to live a healthy, happy life.

This ZenCast uses chakra tuning forks that vary in frequency. Use caution or discontinue use if you have a tremor disorder as it may trigger an onset of tremor symptoms.

ZenWorlds Inspire Creativity Meditation