IMG_6430I love Kombucha tea. At $3.99 per bottle, my habit cost me a small fortune. I thought I could give it a whirl and seriously it’s so easy, I wish I would have started a while ago.

My favorite recipe so far is to take 16 bags of organic jasmine green tea and steep in 1 gallon of hot water. When the water cools to room temp, stir in 2C sugar until dissolved. Pour mixture into clean crock, pour another gallon of room temperature water in the crock, give it a quick stir and put the scoby in the crock to work its magic. Top it off with and about 1/4C starter tea. Cover with a cloth to keep the bugs out but let air in. Let that ferment 7-10 days. You can sip a sample at 7 days to see if fermented and carbonated. If not, wait a couple more days.

When ready, pour into glass jars and put in a dark cupboard or in the frig.

You can expect a mini scoby to form if the Kombucha sits for a while in the jars. you can save it in the fridge or scoop it with a wooden or plastic spoon into the crock. Never use metal.